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Is "causation" useful as a scientific concept? (topic)
I looked at the Stanford Encyclopedia article on causal determinism and found a reference to an interesting article by John Norton called "Causation as Folk Science." Norton argues, more or less, that there is no general...
Religion & Philosophy


04/28/09 6:35 PM
Do you believe in freddled gruntbugglies? (topic)
If not, do you believe in "god" or "free will?" What, in your view, is the difference between those concepts and an obviously nonsensical, meaningless concept like "freddled gruntbugglies?" If you're...
Religion & Philosophy


04/25/09 8:02 AM
Determinism in two directions? (topic)
The usual idea of "determinism" is that the state of the world at one time somehow "fixes" or "necessitates" the state of the world at any future time. The causal order runs in just one direction, from...
Religion & Philosophy


04/25/09 5:41 AM
Naturalism as a philosophical thesis (topic)
How would you express naturalism as a philosophical thesis? Naturalism seems like a common enough position to hold, at least among philosophically and scientifically inclined people, but I don't often see it spelled out in very...
Religion & Philosophy


04/24/09 4:07 AM
God's Law or No Law (topic)
Christian Reconstructionism and Islamic Muwahhidun: Some ParallelsIn Christianity and Islam there have arisen movements which assert that modern, secular governments operate in opposition to God's law and should be replaced by...
Religion & Philosophy


11/25/05 11:05 AM